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Good topic though, Marco. Reprint by permission only. Thankfully, there are no state-sponsored sterilization requirements for transgender people, and I had no desire to opt out of the possibility of procreating. In fact, his multiracial heritage is central to his articulation of transmasculinity in Labor of Loveand his memories of his parents reflect a racial as much as a gendered dichotomy. Previous video Next video. I got about a hundred candidates.

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The movie also includes perspectives from others, such as family members and exes.

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"The Opposite Sex" – Showtime documentary

HBwhich bans the teaching of ethnic studies in schools, and SBwhich supports systematic racial profiling in the name of US border control. I am not so sure. It just makes you sterile. Ironically, Rene had previously been macho to the point of mild homophobia. I wrote to every surgeon around the world who I knew who had done these surgeries, and I told them that I wanted to follow people who had just begun hormone treatments, and we wanted to go deeply into their lives and make a difference in other lives. October 22nd, 2 Lambda Legal:

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Please login or register. Featured February 5th, 0. He prefers viewers to make their own personal, intuitive assessments, not guided or imposed upon by the specialists, although within the art system this is increasingly difficult to achieve. I believe that God does not make mistakes, we are born this way for whatever reason. What was the most surprising thing for you while making this documentary? Premier Logo Created with Sketch. October 6th, 0 Transgender Media — a Mainstream View.

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