Life expectancy reduced for gays

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For example, he and his colleagues write that one possibility is that experiencing discrimination, prejudice and being marginalized creates stress. Risk for psychiatric disorder among immigrants and their US-born descendants: Maternal mortality for countries, — Routinely collecting information on markers of sexual orientation in health surveys likewise will facilitate tracking the health of people with minority sexual orientation and will reduce the impact of modifiable health threats that may be elevated among gay and bisexual men. The research Marshall cites to support his claim is two decades old and was conducted near the height of the HIV epidemic.

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We asked him to provide proof.

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Does homosexual activity shorten life?

We classified men into 3 groups: We recoded this into 2 categories for both of the variables: Accessed July 9, In order to examine the relationship between prejudice and mortality, the researchers constructed a measure capturing the average level of anti-gay prejudice in the communities where LGB individuals lived, beginning inusing data on prejudicial attitudes from the General Social Survey, one of the primary sources of social indicator data in the social sciences. Trends in same-gender sexual partnering, —

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Same-sex sexual behavior and psychiatric disorders: He added, "In fact, our results for prejudice were comparable to life expectancy differences that have been observed between individuals with and without a high school education. The association between relationship markers of sexual orientation and suicide. These findings suggest that men with minority sexual orientation may experience elevated risk for premature death from multiple causes. We have updated our privacy policy to better explain how we use data on this site. Of the deaths in high-prejudice communities, 25 percent were due to cardiovascular disease, compared to

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