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Analysis So what if the Irish PM is gay? Prior to homosexuality was recognized as an official mental disorder. A puppet show featuring Marine Le Pen, Donald Trump and Viktor Orban has been invited to chair the jury of a pan-Polish festival of regime songs, which aims to provide a jolt to support for brown shirts ahead of the real mayoral elections in Warsaw next year. Tuesday 12 February Leaders of the main political groups in the European Parliament have called on EU institutions to "speak out and act" against the latest reform of the judiciary system in Poland. In the end, PO capitulated on questions about values, and left these issues under PiS' conservative sphere of influence.

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We should be modelling an alternative way of living, one that is markedly different from modern consumerist values because it is grounded in love and acceptance.

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Pride Radio

The party was founded by free-market economist Ryszard Petru, and initially didn't look very different from PO. It's a big part of our lives, one that we get a lot out of but also put a lot in to. Feature Gay rights at heart of Poland's value conflict Some 50, people were estimated to have taken part in a Warsaw pride parade last weekend, making it the largest event of its kind in Poland to date. However, I can't help but notice the discrepancy between the issues where the Church of England has decided to relax its view, in spite of clear, Biblical doctrine to the contrary, and those where it refuses to budge. The EU parliament had passed a historic resolutionasking the EU commission to launch a probe on democracy in Hungary.

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It's not for me to point the finger and call people prejudiced or narrow-minded — that won't get us anywhere. Across the history of American prejudice, significant organized resistance to integration tends to give way over time to a general acceptance by most elements of society that integration, and recognition of the full and complete humanity of the formerly marginalized group is important, that justice is served in the process of integration, and that the overall lot of the country improves as a result. There is simply no stopping, no legislating away the bedrock facts that some people are born gay and will in adulthood find themselves attracted to same sex partners, fall in love with those partners and want to share their lives in a committed relationship. No amount of family or cultural pressure can make a gay person into a non-gay person. Yes, the whole issue of whether the Church can endorse or recognise same-sex marriages has now become a much bigger battle, with some arguing it's a human rights issue akin to racism, and others convinced by doctrine in the Bible stating incontrovertibly that marriage is designed for heterosexual couples.

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