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And I will pull them out if they keep the job! They will be poisoning the minds of our children! Because as we know, Corporations and the Government never do anything for free. The process of hiring then is the question not the firing. Old to New Likes: I thought at first that teachers should separate their personal and professional selves. Celebrating LGBT History Month with our young people has given me hope for the future and has shown how, with a few small steps, teachers can drive change in schools and society.

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'Your entire career can be derailed': For gay teachers, coming out remains risky

I felt I had earned that right. Why then would something you cant control influence your ability to work? You may change your settings at any time but this may impact on the functionality of the site. All teachers need to keep their sex lives out of schools and not use it as an example when educating our children. Take Christian, for example, a quarterback who has often made sexist and homophobic jokes in class until I came out. A commercial workboat can be sometimes be a laddish place where masculinity is over-exaggerated photos from Loaded or FHM plastered all over the place but I never felt uncomfortable there because as far as I was concerned we all had every right to be ourselves at work.

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They have every right to be gay as much as everybody else and there is no problem with it! They should have to announce this to all parents. How does that effect the kids? Santa gets the all clear to enter Irish airspace. Humans just are not created to function this way, why would it ever have to be accepted as the norm? It really doesn't matter what your sexuality is. This month, I have also tried to play a small role in encouraging discussion on and celebrating diversity.

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