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There was no real Jesus presence in your childhood? Where are the books in French that talk about me? But the thing is she picked up really early that you were probably gay. In the past, we thought that implicit attitudes were some stable feature of society or some stable feature of an individual's mind. So how do you kind of reconcile that she knew and was able to articulate it - although she withheld it from you, she knew really early on that you were gay, that that was just your nature. There was just ecstatic, electrified dancing.

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My dad is not going to read it.

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Fat, Black, Gay and Forsaken By Jesus

So I thought, What if I wrote a character like Gary, whose big problem is that he wanted to be liked? With perhaps the world's dullest name, he's also morbidly obese, happiest when he's at Disney World or Waffle House, simple-minded, naive and stubbornly of the belief that if he truly surrenders to Jesus, he'll be de-gayed. I was like, oh, I knew where babies came from and I was like, why do I know this? It wasn't until I brought it to her attention that she addressed it directly. And those camps are hotbeds of that, in a certain way.

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You know, you write in your book that when you were young, you were - what? And, you know, there was this part of me that kind of just wanted to date someone that - I find every type of man attractive, so I just like attractive men. And it's also a hugely contentious topic of debate. Age, disability and body weight attitudes haven't changed; actually, body weight attitudes even showed a slight tendency that they're becoming worse over time. I'm like, when he's mad, he's going off.

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