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Obviously I had a lot to learn myself, but I figured that something like the Gathering was the perfect place to do it. When asked whether I wanted to give it a go, I declined and made some excuse. I went there for a bit and then checked out the after hours dance party across the lake, which was far more orgy-esq than dancey. Skip to primary content. Naughty by Nature happened across the lake as it was the only place where public sex is permitted.

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The next afternoon I decided to explore the grounds, searching for ways to acclimatize myself to daytime nudity.

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The Best Mexican Gay Beaches

There were other things that concerned me about the retreat, aside from potentially disastrous pairing of nudity with Mexican food. There were things like manscaping, yoga, oil wrestling, paddling the sport, not the fetishas well as something they call, Naughty by Nature, which is an hour of watersports the fetish, not the sport. I continued down to the lake and followed the shore, passing two guys playing bocce by the gazebo. About the Author Jeff Fulton is a writer specializing in business, travel and culture. There were a couple of hundred naked men in the hall, many of whom were huddled around tables in groups, eating and chatting.

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It is a totally planned development that has everything to offer, including an aviary and some Mayan ruins. I did, however, opt for a private room in the infirmary instead of a shared cabin like most of the other guys. They had a DJ spinning every night starting at I could never do that, I thought, but I wanted to. Otherwise, she claimed, someone might try molest me. Gay-only hotels sit just off the beach; besides accommodations, many provide extras like snacks and beach chairs on the waterfront. A couple beers with dinner took the edge off.

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