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What an outstanding movie. View All Critic Reviews And I agree with Atticus. Already have an account? Everyone must call the one person he truly loves and confess his feelings, knowing they are likely to be unrequited.

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It's a very enjoyable movie and one that is pure pleasure to watch as a gay man because you get to feel like your in on the joke.

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User Reviews

All men should see this film. As far as filmed stage plays go, the production effort on "The Boys in the Band" is not really fabulous, but it isn't bad enough to detract from the story or it's impact. The fun comes to a screeching halt, however, like a turntable needle scratching a record, when Michael's old, straight college buddy, Alan MacCarthy played by Peter White, in a deliberately ambiguous performance crashes the party and becomes the catalyst for an evening of intense examination, acid-tongued humor and self-loathing within the group. It compelled me to visualize it as a film and not think of it just as a filmed play. Crowley is about overthrowing it.

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Cowboy Tex Leonard Frey Many contemporary gay men will think; my how far we have come. Three years later, he was lost to the AIDS epidemic. Then and now, gay boys early on pick up on dear old dad's apoplectic revulsion to their difference, and his subsequent withdrawal, however subtle, is deeply lacerating. In fact, one of my favorite pieces of recent queer pop culture distinctly lacked the positivity we yearn for. Mart Crowley's play about a gay birthday party gone sour has been brilliantly visualized by director William Friedkin, though the material is essentially a downer and dated and sexually timid besides. I think there with the DVD release years ago the reviews are almost entirely positive.

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