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Regarding the question about the social representations of adoption by homosexual couples, which makes up corpus 1, diverse positions were found, however, the majority were in favor of adoption. Joint adoption by same-sex couples is legal in twenty-seven countries as well as several subnational jurisdictions and dependent territories. The American Psychological Association has supported adoption by same-sex couples, citing social prejudice as harming the psychological health of lesbians and gays while noting there is no evidence that their parenting causes harm. In this context, the following sentence clearly addresses the type of social representations underlying class 4 see figure 2. American Medical Association.

adoption against gay people
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Being conducted online, meant that the majority of participants were highly educated, being mostly higher education students, which probably led to acceptance by the majority of the sample.

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The American Psychologist. The movement to promote individuals with same-sex attraction as a legally protected class threatens the work of adoption agencies that hold moral convictions against same-sex adoption. Today my colleagues and I of the HouseAppropsGOP passed my amendment which prohibits the discrimination of child welfare providers based on religious beliefs or moral convictions. University of Toronto Press,

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It was observed that the people accepted the adoption and childhood development, but they justified this saying that society is prejudicial.

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