The increase of gay marriage discrimination

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Young lesbian, gay and bisexual people are also more likely to suffer from suicidal thoughts than their straight friends, according to a survey by LGBT support charity Metro. Meet Australia's first transgender priest. Connect Upload Contact Us. Across the UK, gay and lesbian couples were granted many of the same rights as married heterosexuals, albeit with a few differences around issues like private-sector pensions. This is likely to underestimate the real numbers as the survey doesn't capture sexual attraction or behaviour.

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Did you smash the SSM supporter stereotype?

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Gay rights 50 years on: 10 ways in which the UK has changed

Britain is marking 50 years since the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality but same-sex relations are still illegal across vast swathes of the world. The number of states that criminalise same-sex relations is decreasing annually, though, with Belize and the Seychelles repealing such laws last year. This might in part be because changes in the law, such as the legalisation of civil partnerships and then gay marriage, have a powerful influence on people's views, a NatCen spokesman suggests. Updated May 17, People who voted Yes so someone they cared about could marry the person they love, or because they believed that we should all be treated equally under law.

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Discrimination against LGBTI people causes staggeringly high rates of mental illness, self-harm and suicide, particularly for young people in our schools. There have been a number of other key dates on the journey towards sexual and gender equality, not just for gay men but for the rest of the LGBT community. I'm a proud Westie and I voted yes. After the Act, activities that had not been decriminalised were prosecuted far more strictly than before, according to human-rights barrister Alex Bailin QC. For example, Russia is included even though same-sex relationships were formally legalised in Shocking neglect heard at aged care royal commission NASA to pull plug on 'workhorse' Mars rover after it was silenced by immense dust storm Pot smokers find caged tiger in abandoned US house.

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