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Somewhere along the way I decided that if an idea was going to turn into a song on this album, then it had to be written organically and purely. Via Krazycev13, CC 3. How has this album progressed from your previous ones? But more than a decade later, the Christian-influenced band are still going strong and exploring more mature territory with their sixth studio album, Forget And Not Slow Down. There were a lot of different things about making this record. Adam Levine's nipples are the most talked about part of the Super Bowl. Or he would have been, but 11 homophobic members of the production team threatened to walk out if he was allowed to perform, which would have made going on with the festival difficult.

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Dan Layusprimarily known as the frontman of the critically acclaimed band Augustana.

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California National Guard will defy Trump's transgender military ban order. It was a combination of a lot of things. Dan Layus Southern California. When Trey Pearsonthe singer of Christian rock group Everyday Sunday, came out as gay everyone wondered how his fellow Christians would treat him. When it comes to production, we have a production manager who is given a shoestring budget. Pearson celebrated when he learned that his band would be part of the Christian music festival Joshua Fest, an annual event in North California over Labor Day weekend.

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I felt like I was powerless in the situation — like I was just punched in the gut. Further Reading This all-queer pro-wrestling event is pummeling homophobia into submission. Josh Balz talks life after Motionless In White. Our goal, I guess, is just changing for the better. He came down and we worked on some songs for his Ocean Eyes record. And hopefully, our listeners will grow with us. It was three years of repeatedly realizing I was trying too hard to write a perfect song.

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