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Even though he was playing rough with his friends putting them in head locks and being pushed around, anyone could tell he belonged. I loved this so much. Many moons. Aries and Leo are both dominant in relationships. Liz who? But it is definitely not comfortable for me. The emphasis may be more on sport than emotion.

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Theo's mom and her horoscopes were also very entertaining.

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They are looking for a new roommate and Theo approaches Jaime wh Alisa loves Anyta I was pretty confident I had my top books of the year already picked out and I was just cruising till the end of the year. But then I remembered I was already going with my friends, so I turned around biting my lips silently asking them if they gave me the green light. Sometimes the passion between Aries and Leo is more of an act than a realitybut both are willing not to pass judgment in that regard.

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I know reviewing a book after reading a few others is never a good idea for me.

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