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Does the blonde not know what a sex devil he is? Naruto had to kneel down beside him to cut the rope. With a lazy sigh, Shikamaru found himself wondering how they had gotten onto this topic in the first place. Kiba cupped the blonde's face and lifted himself so he was close enough to kiss the blonde. Naruto had looked so

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A familiar vanilla and ramen scent lingered in the air.

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Kiba sat for awhile, admiring how the muscles in Naruto's back moved rhythmically as the blonde bustled around the drawers. When they take a break and camp at night, Naruto and Kiba end up alone at the lake, and ticklish discoveries and more than friendly feelings for one another seem to bring the two in a closer bond than just the buddies they were! The friendship he treasured so much with Kiba, the love he had for him, as a friend or not - Kiba didn't know he didn't dare to hope, the hurts and suffering he had conquered in his past. Naruto was kissing behind his ears, down his neck. He heard the blonde gasp. He felt the teen shuddering under his grip. To Kiba, it was so hot to watch.

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He pointed at Naruto's spread cheeks. Even with his eyes scrunched together, looking as if he's in pain, God that would be how he'd look like underneath him soon, he was so adorable. Kiba Inuzuka had known for quite some time that when it comes to liking someone, he would play for both teams. Bad thoughts manhe sighed mentally. Naruto broke away from the kiss with a confused look, before slowly understanding the Inuzuka's request, "Oh" reflected in his eyes. Shikamaru smirked, shrugging his shoulders. His manhood sprang up and he sighed, finally free from an uncomfortable position.

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