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Launched to help gay and bisexual men connect with each other, the app now has almost 4 million users worldwide. I want to swipe between profiles quickly, how do I do that? Grindr 0 Feet Away Facebook: If you're looking for a partner, you might look to Tinder or Bumble. How well does grindr work?

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Grindr shows you a grid of the nearest guys that you can swipe down through.

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It's possible to update the information on Grindr or report it as discontinued, duplicated or spam. In Augustit was reported that Grindr's relative distance measurements could facilitate triangulation thereby pinpointing individual users. Quoting Britney Spears lyrics does not make you a poet or a philosopher. How can I change it back?

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Academics gain access to Facebook data trove to study election influence by Shelby Brown Researchers will get to parse Facebook ad data, the popularity of news items and URL data sets.

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